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Abarth 595C Competizione 1,4 T-Jet


Deposit: 1000 eur

Abarth has a brilliant racing background. In the 60s, this energetic automobile took the race. Its creator, Carlo Abarth, for a long time worked on the idea of ​​creating an ideal high-speed car. Through the years, he almost managed to realize this. Based on the details of Fiat’s concern, Carlo continued to improve his cars all the time, which were quick.

Abarth and now a lot to accelerate the exploits. Modern engineers tried that the car had the same charm, but was competitive in all aspects.
Abarth took from Fiat all the most precious and best. For example, fog lights, central locking, ABS anti-lock brakes, emergency brake, braking force distributor HBA EBD, ASR traction system that quickly climb to the top.
The appearance of the elegant Abart reminds its parent since 1960. Rent Abarth in Barcelona, ​​and it is possible to feel how it is powerfully dispersed on wheels with 16-inch discs. The thresholds were decorated with aerodynamic skirts. On the roof there is a small spoiler, not for beauty, but for increasing the clamping force. The retro style emphasizes the round headlights, the handles of the chrome doors. This made Abarth fashionable and remarkable.
The Abarth sports car is imbued with racing spirit, both on the outside and inside. Sports seats with improved lateral support and integrated headrests. The engineers have manufactured a new three-spoke steering wheel with a cut edge with perforated leather inserts so that your hands do not slip. Increased the comfort of the cabin. The front seats are quite large, but do not reduce the space for passengers behind. If you rent Abart in Barcelona for a romantic trip together, then you can move the rear seats, and the trunk volume will increase to 550 liters.
If you rent Abart in Barcelona, ​​then you can feel how convenient this car is for traveling in Europe. The small dimensions facilitate parking on any narrow street and quickly exceed distances. In addition, Abarth is small, fast and easy to operate.

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Make: Abarth
Body type: Cabrio
Engine: 1,4 T-Jet
Horsepower: 180 CV
Transmission: Automatic
Body colour: Grey
Interior colour: Black, alcantara/leather, carbon
L / 100km: 6,7
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