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BMW i3 Range Extender



Searching for a premium class car for rent we can found a car highlighted by its unique characteristics. The i3 differs clearly from the rental alternatives because it’s an amazing electric car manufactured with a carbon fiber body. Simple spectacular. It’s about the BMW’s commitment for the nullity of emissions and its importance in our future. In the case of Range Extender, also known as REX, it includes a small gasoline engine that increases the capabilities of the car.
The autonomy of the REX is really special since the engine improves the electric propeller. This engine comes from motorcycles and can be regulated to propose a greater or lesser involvement depending on our driving needs. A marvel of BMW innovation available for VIP rental in Barcelona. A real success in Spain, with great critics and satisfied drivers also in European Union.
The engine also works on its own if the battery runs out, being a solution before a hurry of a long trip. Aesthetic, another strong point. You will not be free from looks driving with this model that allows 4 people to travel in it. His figure is soft, with a minimalist design. So is very accurate all times. The BMW i3 is a premium class car with astonishing ease for driving. In addition, it incorporates facilities for the driver. Especially in the pedals because this car tends to brake automatically at certain times to make the most of the energy that moves it. An example of efficiency.
This car is, certainly, a minivan. It’s for aesthetics and comfort for passengers. The recharge of your battery requires a few hours (10) but the result is extraordinary. With the maximum battery can circulate quietly about 150 km, with a lower cost than gasoline. A luxury car that promotes the future innovation and allows it to be part of this automotive revolution.

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Make: BMW
Body type: Minivan
Engine: Electric
Horsepower: 170 hp
Transmission: Automatic
Body colour: Grey
Interior colour: Black leather
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