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Going shopping to Beaucaire

The most famous Catalan market

If you are going to Beaucaire for the shopping


Beaucaire reflects the identity of the Spanish food´s market. The popularity of Beaucaire among tourists is high, so prices are sometimes higher than in other Barcelona markets. But for a wide smile, you can get a good discount.

Aromas from Mediterranean herbs and spices that attract gourmets from around the world. Delicacies as black truffles and melting Iberico-ham, foie gras, nuts, dried fruits, meat, sausages are all for tourists. Local people usually go to buy fresh meat and fresh fish to small local shops.boqueria.1

Find in the Beaucaire a rich selection of fresh seafood: cuttlefish, tuna, octopus and fish devil, mongooses and crabs, scallops and clams. It is better not to buy fresh fish on Monday because religious Spanish people usually do not go fishing on Sunday.

In Beaucaire there are special degustation tables where you can taste a typical Spanish product or something exotic. You can see live cooking shows. Many experts of the culinary give real master classes on cooking dishes of classic, antique or avant-garde cuisine.


There are so many temptations in Beaucaire that you will not be able to come out from there with empty hands. Almost certainly there will be a lot of heavy purchase in your hands, so you should visit the market on a rental car. For example, BMW X5 xDrive 40d 313 HP, which you can rent in Barcelona with ETALONCAR.

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