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Etaloncar car hire in Spain


ETALONCAR is a company that has fast and reliable service to rent luxury cars in Spain.

Etalon in English means is a quality standard. And we achieved it thanks to many years of experience in the car rental market in Barcelona. Etaloncar occupies one of the main places in the city for the maintenance of executive class cars. The company employs only true fans of its business: lovers of expensive cars, professionals who know the smallest details of luxury cars. Our staff will listen carefully to your wishes, will tell you which first class car is best for your event. In our fleet you can choose a prestigious rental car Range Rover, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Maserati. In our parking lot there are only new and expensive cars at affordable prices. Before the surrender, all the elite wagons are carefully checked. The technical maintenance is carried out by our experienced craftsmen. With the rental of an executive class car, you will receive all the components that only the most partial customer can imagine, from the navigator to the child seat. We can pre-book a premium car or business class. All cars are insured. Therefore, in the case of an unforeseen situation, you will not be responsible if the damage caused to the vehicle has not occurred due to your fault. It is profitable for us to rent a premium car: we practice a management approach for each client. We offer comfortable trips and convenience to travel around Spain. If you hire an elite car in Spain, then you can visit Marbella, Madrid, Seville, Ibiza, San Sebastian.


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