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Ford Mustang GT Cabrio V8-450HP



Mustang Cabrio 450 HP is available for rent in Barcelona. This automatic transmission and blue metallic paint car can be driven with or without hood and is a high-end car of the best quality. You can rent it for days or weeks and you can contact Etaloncar to check availability on the year. It’s a perfect car in summer and prepared for winter.

The aesthetics of this car is spectacular; maintains the essence of best classic Mustang and incorporates new features. It’s also very sporty body, especially if driving without a hood, with a strong and robust front that reminds of the older cars in 80’s. It also incorporates all the latest technology, especially in the interior, where the driver can enjoy the change of gears, the steering wheel or pedals; a professional experience that only has Ford Mustang. Inside, a black interior is designed for the passengers experience; it’s just perfect. The sensations driving a Mustang like this are hard to compare. A VIP rental that can be requested in Spain.

Driving a Mustang has always been different. Power, automatic change, luxury seats; a feeling of power that’s maintained through time and all Ford models. It’s a car that doesn’t go unnoticed, as it’s a luxury car with all the details. Perfect for a long road trip and for a walk through the city, the interior of the car stands out for its comfort. As usual in Ford cars, seats have a lot of comfort.

The rental in Spain of a car with these characteristics is not always so easy, and we recommend asking for information or booking it in advance. Feel the power and enjoy the sound of his amazing V8 engine. A car that will seduce everyone, adapting your needs at every road and street; ready to walk the streets of Barcelona or drive near the sea and also equipped to gently touch the most difficult roads.

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Make:Ford Mustang GT
Body type:Cabrio
Engine:5.0 V8
Body colour:Blue
Interior colour:Black
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