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Mercedes-Benz E 220 d Cabrio 194 hp



Discover the Mercedes E 220 in this new sportier version, the Cabrio. A luxury car that can be driven in convertible mode or with an elegant hood with bad weather. Its sporting aspect is unique and also very recognizable. It’s the nose of the German brand, Mercedes Benz, with some inferior aggressive design. A total VIP car.
You can rent without driver and also rent by the weekend or by the month. White colors shine on the road when you are driving. The tires are also very sporty and their powerful headlights stand out. The interior is black, an elegant car in VIP service and highly recommended in summer and spring. We take the cars to all parts of Spain, so do not hesitate to contact us to know the availability of this car in the coming dates. A sporty Cabrio of more than 200 HP with which to enjoy a luxury car.
The driving of this car is also excellent for everyone. Its automatic change responds to a thousand wonders and its capacity reaches the four people inside. Comfort is guaranteed with this high-end car. In the part of the front seats highlights the vision, wide, and also the navigation screen that has installed.
Renting the car in Barcelona allows you to enjoy the beach and all the secondary roads. In your Cabrio mode, you will notice the air and you will feel free. The conditions of Etaloncar are those of minimum rent of a day, as well as renting the Cabrio during a special weekend or a specific event. You can also rent per month, so you can enjoy this car to its fullest and drive with it capturing the eyes of everyone. The sports car of your dreams. A fast and beautiful Mercedes that will allow you to touch your dreams. If you are interested, contact us

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Body type:Cabrio
Horsepower:194 hp
Body colour:White
Interior colour:Black leather
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