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Mercedes-Benz GLC 250 d 4MATIC 204 hp



Mercedes Benz GLC 204 hp version with 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive is waiting for your decision. Renting a car in Barcelona or renting in Spain is easy thanks to Etaloncar. Our amazing fleet of the best luxury cars on the market. The minimum rent is for one day and can be extended to specific months or weekends.
If you are looking for a car rental without a driver, this Mercedes is the answer. Also as a car for holidays, thanks to its capacity (for five passengers) in a deep interior inside. Seats are obvious since they are made of very light beige leather, with a pleasant touch. The comfort is clear when tasting this vehicle that becomes a perfect VIP car. The color of the car is white, ideal to avoid the summer heat, with some tires that are obvious because of their elegance. Its rear, somewhat elevated, culminates the shape of this powerful Mercedes Benz.
The driving style of this 204 hp car is very comfortable. Much of it is for your steering wheel, very comfortable and with the functions at your fingertips. In the front, there is also a GPS screen that improves the road experience. Its fully automatic and the highest technology make the GLC perfect for any VIP service. Driving this car is an experience that can not be defined. That’s why we hope you can drive the Mercedes yourself.
It’s possible to rent the car in Barcelona, also in Spain. We take the cars to different parts of Spain, so you can contact us from Valencia, San Sebastian, Seville or Madrid. Within the particularity of every luxury car, this stands out for its interior capacity and for having all-wheel drive. A car that will allow you to have a plus in comfort, long trips or unpaved roads. A luxury car with extra traction awaits for you.

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Body type:SUV/4x4
Horsepower:204 hp
Body colour:White
Interior colour:Beige leather
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