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Tesla Model S


100% electric

​​Do you want to feel superiority of Tesla S? You must rent it in our company.
It is incredibly fast and surprisingly silent car. This is an important feature of electric vehicles.
Ilon Mask for a long time modeled the body of the car. He tried to achieve the best aerodynamic properties. And he succeeded. The car is fast and elegant. Optimized appearance is complemented by retractable handles, are shown on the surface only if pressed.
Engineers placed the batteries and the electric motor as low as possible, while lowering the center of gravity, which allows maneuvering the electric vehicle.
At the wheel of the Tesla S, you can decide that you are driving a Mercedes E-class.
As Mercedes Electromobile took a small role in the invention of Tesla S.
Rather, they offered details of a pneumatic suspension support and levers.
Rent a Tesla and feel how comfortable the car´s interior is.
The giant 17-inch screen allows you to control all the many functions of Tesla S.
And now you have the opportunity to rent Tesla S in Barcelona ​​and understand why the creator dreams of a world transplanted into electric cars.

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Body type:Sedan
Horsepower:469 hp
Body colour:Grey
Interior colour:White leather
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