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Discover the parks in Barcelona

Park del Laberint d’Horta, Park de Joan Miro, Park Güell, Park de la Ciutadella

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Laberint d’Horta, a neoclassical park and a labyrinth, created in the 18th century,  extends over a small area of nine hectares. The center of the park is a labyrinth with 2.5-meter hedge walls, which look like the labyrinth of the famous Harry Potter Triviazer tournament. In the park, you can enjoy romantic arbors, caves, a rotunda, miniature waterfalls and lovely footbridges, oceans of flowers and statues of ancient Greek gods.

Park del Laberint d’Horta is permeated with symbolism; the romantic garden reminds about the fleetingness of life, the neoclassical illustrates the history of ancient Greek mythology. And in the splendor of interior plantation, you will hear the all-triumphant hymn to beauty and joy of life. The park remembers the times of pompous Royal events.

Park de la Ciutadella locates on the 30 hectares of the Old City of Barcelona. There is Triumphal Arch with bas-reliefs, the Dragon´s Castle (Castel dels Tres Dragons), a ZOO (Parc Zoologic) and a conservatory of wonderful plants. The garden was designed by Jean Forestier and the cascade fountains – by Josep Fontsere and Antonio Gaudi.

Parc de l’Escoshador is the famous park with 22 meters high sculpture “Dona i Ocell” of Joan Miro. The sculpture is covered with colorful ceramic tiles and looks like a phallic symbol with a dark hole. The two-level garden is a combination of palms, pines, sycamores and eucalyptus trees as well as exotic flowers.

Just imagine the wonders the architect Gaudi created in the Park Güell – gingerbread houses, a mosaic serpentine bench and a mosaic salamander, a hall supported by eighty-six columns! The highlight of the park is that all these wonders of art were made from simple building waste – dishes and fragments of tiles, pieces of broken bottles! Such a bold idea of ​​Gaudi inspired many of his followers, using non-standard materials to create their own miracles.

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