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Infiniti G 37 Cabrio GT Premium 333 hp



Etaloncar prepares for you a Cabrio of high flights. This is the Infinity G37 with more than 330 hp of power under the hood. A perfect car to rent in Barcelona or rent in Spain. His sports body is transformed when we see it as a convertible. With a simple but effective front nose and a somewhat raised and compact dorsal, we can see Infinity is a car with polished details.
You can rent without a driver to enjoy the roads with total freedom. With a very electric white color, it doesn’t go unnoticed on the road. With a very elegant appearance on the outside and a very strong figure, it is inside where we discover details of a VIP car. The seats are red leather, a contrast that appreciates the view. And also an interior of maximum comfort, perfect for short transfers and also a very good car for vacations.
Driving, the steering wheel is of maximum comfort. Stresses in this model the change of gears evolved with respect to the previous one. An automatic change is perfect to drive in the city as in a beautiful curvy road of the beaches of Spain. VIP service is perfect for this new car, which can be requested from any area of Spain. We take the car to all parts of Spain and we make sure that you drive it at the right time to your request.
In short, we are facing a spectacular Cabrio developed by Infinity, which fulfills all the needs of a great driver. Aesthetically it is beautiful, with a clean exterior of impurities and an interior where the red color contrasts with the black color. Its power is spectacular, with 333 HP and the ability to travel the roads with firmness and safety. The automatic change also allows the driver to focus on the road to enjoy it

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Body type:Cabrio
Motor:3.7L V6
Horsepower:333 hp
Body colour:White
Interior colour:Red leather
L / 100km:11.6
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