Rent a sports car for your trip to Cadaques

Rent a car to get the house of Dali

When the noise of the megalopolis and working routine overflow of you. When you want to be where your eyes will relax on the ocean of blue color and splashes of flowers. I know one such a good place, which inspired famous painters to create their masterpieces.
Lets put suitcases to in the trunk of a rented car and go to the favorite place of the Salvador Dalí to Cadaques. Cadaques is the pearl of the Costa Brava.
And do not forget the driver’s license: the company Etaloncar offers a wide selection of luxury and sports cars.
You can get to this place from the airports of Barcelona, Girona or through the French Perpignan-Rivesaltes. Just call our company, and we bring you luxury car to any point in Europe. To make the journey to Cadaques real adventure, rent Porsche Macan S on the website
What could be better than a luxury and sports car on a serpentine road with a exciting view!
After enjoying the breathtaking views, finally, you reach white Cadaques.
It was a small fishing village on the shores of a sea bay when Dali bought a small cozy house. In 40 years the small house turned into a big museum “House-Museum of Dali.” Small rooms, narrow corridors, store the famous works of the genius, stuffed animals, famous paintings. Definitely, you must rent a luxury car and stop by this amazing museum. And try not to rush to anywhere.
As the king of surrealism said: “Here the time flows more slowly, and every hour has the right size.”

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